Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Join Me in a Giggle

Just thought I would share a few hilarious moments that we have had in our house recently. 
My kids are always good for a chuckle and since we should:

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.  (Romans 12:15)

Why not laugh with those who laugh. 

The other day as we were getting into the car my lovely little two and a half year old, Little A, looks up at me with a grin and says, "I am perfection.

"Oh really? Who taught you that?" (since there are 4 adults in our house as of late I was interested to know where she learnt this phrase, since it wasn't from me) 

"Nobody, I just am perfection," she replied with the cutest shimmer in her eyes. 

"Yes you are sweetie, God made you perfectly how you are supposed to be." Really how else do you respond to this but than to agree? She has a much better self esteem than her mommy, that's for sure. 

My son, E man, has started to get himself into all kinds of trouble lately. He is totally the opposite to what his older sister was like at this age, 15 months, and he is the epitome of a little boy. He is constantly running around stealing his sisters toys and laughing while he does it. He often will walk up and take a toy Little A has put down, begin to run away but once he realises that she is not upset or chasing after him, he will stop and call to her and show her the toy before starting back into his running away game. 

He also is very good at knowing when he is doing something wrong. He will start to break the rules and he will shake his head and say, "No, no no!  No,no,no!"

This is the view I most often see of my son.
Blurred and of his behind as he laughs and runs away.

A couple of weeks ago I was carrying something down the stairs to take to the freezer. I was trying to get E man to come with me but he refused so I took his hand and was leading him toward the stairs.  We made it to the top step and I got him to sit down on his bum so that he wouldn't fall.  But again he didn't want to cooperate, so I was trying to help him down the stairs with one hand full of frozen food. 
Somehow I knocked him off balance and he toppled down the stairs, rolling all the way down and hitting his head on the wall at the bottom. Top to bottom it was only 7 stairs but I felt horrible. It was totally my fault, he has never fallen on his own down them before. 
But to our surprise, he gets up laughing and begins to climb back up the stairs to try to fall down them again.  Kinda helped me not feel so horrible but left me in shock by how silly my crazy little guy can be. 

This is apparently how we get ready to go to the lake in my house.
Because really, you cannot go to the lake without your face being painted,
and the only way to sit still and have your face painted is to paint on the painter. 

Today, Tuesdays specifically,  are one of the busiest days around our house. We all have places to be and it always seems to be a struggle to get the kids up and fed and ready to go.  Tuesdays is our moms bible study at our church and today my sister and I were taking our turn bringing snacks. We brought the Pumpkin Spiced (Better Than) Scones and even brought some Gluten free versions as well.  

We are blessed at our bible study to have wonderful women and men from our church that come and take care of our children so that we can enjoy the study free from distractions. The last few times we have gone to the group, Little A has a meltdown when I try to take her to play. She only cries for a minute or two after I leave but while I am trying to drop her off she is inconsolable. She loves being there and doesn't stop talking about all the fun she had once I pick her up and she is always so excited to go, until I get her to the doors to go in. 

I have been trying to find things that would excite her and give her something to look forward to once I get back, but nothing seems to help. But as a bonus, Hubby comes home for lunch on Tuesdays, and that coupled with being filled up from the bible studies, makes dealing with the sobbing kiddo and feel horrible about leaving her with others while she cries, totally more bearable. 

Today, at lunch, Hubby was blessed with the chance to take our adorable Little A to the potty.  She asked him to take her, "not mommy", which is totally fine with me. 
Up in the bathroom, Little A finished her stinky business, looks down into the toilet and exclaims, "That's a family poop! That one is the mommy, but the daddy poop has to go to work, in my bum!" 

Seriously. How do you even respond to her. All you can do is laugh. Well laugh and then go and write it down in our Hilarious Moments Journal.  (That's the book we are keeping for the kids of all the wonderful and ridiculous things they do and say as they grow up, its so much fun to look through and I can't wait to read through it with them when they are grown) 

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