Monday, 25 February 2013

Held Back with Force

I awoke this morning after having an interesting dream. I felt like I should share:

Hubby and I were driving to the church that my mom used to work at. We were going there to pick her up and as we got there we saw some young men sitting in the parking lot.  
Inside the church we could see some youth dancing and singing, worshiping the Lord.  Hubby and I chuckled because they looked a little silly and the moment we did God spoke to us. We both were rebuked and we were told to go in and speak to them and pray blessings over them. 

As we walking into the sanctuary, the guys from the parking lot did also. As they did the whole climate of the room changed. The youth stopped worshipping the same, you could tell they felt awkward and judged. 

Hubby got up in front of them all, ignoring the ones from the parking lot and the effect that they had on the rest. He began to speak to them, he was going to explain himself to them and then bless them, but something happened. 

He started to feel awkward. You could tell that he felt like his skin was itchy or that his clothing was feeling tight and he was uncomfortable in front of them.  But fumbling and pulling at his clothing, he pushed through. 

As he pushed through and continued to speak, his eyes began to water and turn red. He rubbed at them and tried to go on. They looked like they were burning and that he could barely see a thing. But he continued. 

Making it through the beginning, he asked them to pray with him. As he did his body tripped and was knocked to the floor. He could no longer stand. I rushed to help him stand up and continue on.  As I got him to his feet, I looked up at his face to see the one side start to droop. His words were slurred and impossible to understand, his mouth drooped to one side and again he was knocked to the ground. 

I let him stay down on the ground and I stood up to take his place and bless the people, there seemed to be more of them now. 

I started to bless them and felt this feeling that Hubby needed to be a part of it. I bent down and pulled him to his feet. In pain and his body half broken, I held him on his feet as I stretched out my other hand to bless the people. 

I barely got out one word when someone came running and grabbed to me to tell me that my Mom was hurt and I needed to leave, right now. 

I said, "No I need to do this, I will come after."

But they persisted. And would not let me go on. "She needs you Now!" she said as she physically pulled me toward the door. 

Finally feeling the urge of God and the blessing he told us to speak, I pushed her away and ran back to the people staring at this strange happening. 

I ran back, stretched my arms out over the people and shouted a prayer. It felt as I did, that chains were breaking.  That Light cut through the room and illuminated the attack that was happening against us. Their eyes were being opened to what was hurting my husband, and was hold us back. And then God spoke to them. 

His message, the prayer and blessing we had to say, that was fought so hard against, was this:

He will bless your going out and your coming home. He will be with you when you rise up and when you lie down. You are never alone. You are covered in the blood of Jesus, bought with a price, redeemed. The Father in heaven knows you, and loves you. 
 May the Holy Spirit fill you with Joy and Peace and Love. And may His light shine so brightly in you and in your lives, that you blind the enemy, that everywhere you go the name of Jesus will be proclaimed and lives will change. Everything you touch will glorify His name. You will be greatly blessed because of His love. 

As soon as the words had left my mouth, those men from the parking lot, they were gone. 
My hubby, he was standing by my side, unharmed. 
The people began to cry out and worship again. 
And I ran out to find my mom. I got to her to find that she was perfectly fine, and had always been. 

I told hubby the dream right away, then both my children started to stir. (I think they likely had some dreams too, they are often woken up when we have dreams)

Hubby told me that he had some really good spiritual dreams like that too.  He normally writes his down right away in the night so that he can remember them. Last night he didn't.  And today he doesn't remember a single part of it.  Hence my dream?

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
Ephesians 6:12

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