Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Life in General

I am sorry that I have been so MIA lately. But life with three definitely is hectic and takes more time away from being able to blog.

Baby Joy has been such a blessing. She really is a joyful child and she started smiling and laughing within a few weeks after birth. (I know everyone always says its gas, but trust me, her gassy face looks nothing like a smile)  The big kids adore her, they are constantly trying to hold her and cuddle or kiss her.

Its funny how things change from your first to your third.  I remember trying to be so vigilant to have Little A sleeping in her crib for all her naps, with E Man it was about half as much and with Baby Joy, she is rarely in her own bed.  It is a little different for her also because Hubby is home from work so he gets to enjoy cuddling her while she sleeps and during the big kids naps the poor girl looses her bed to her big brother so that he can nap in peace.  (The big kids share a room and talk and play if they are both in it during naps)

Baby Joy has also become very used to it being loud.  With Little A the house was always very quiet while she napped since it was just me at home.  Now as we have added more children each has been exponentially more used to it.  Baby Joy can sleep through almost anything.  The other day while trying to work on some crafts during the silence of their naps, Joy kept waking up crying. Finally I turned on some worship music and she went right to sleep, the only time she seemed to stir was when the songs were quieter or when it was changing songs.

This is what a lot of our days are like lately (minus the snow),
we are loving all the family time we get to have. 
We have been doing pretty well these past 8 weeks. I cannot believe she has been with us that long, it really has flown by and when I think about it I am saddened to think it may be the last time we have a newborn.   I know that you should never decide if you are done having children while you are still dealing with a newborn, but the more we talk about it the more we feel like we may be done.   Both Hubby and I have started to feel like it will really have to be a God thing for us to have another baby.  He will either have to surprise us with a pregnancy or bless us with a child to adopt.

Neither Hubby nor I have ever really thought about adoption but while we were pregnant with Baby Joy we both started thinking of it.  And that feeling has grown stronger since having her.  I think we are still a long way from adopting a child, but it is now something that we feel God is putting on our hearts and possibly preparing us for.   ( I know it kind of seems crazy to adopt more when we already have three, but someone needs to care for them and we have enough love to offer to more than just our own children)

Anyway, I realize that this was a very random and all over the place kind of post but I thought maybe I should fill you in on some of what life has been like here in our crazy nest.  Things are calming down and becoming more normal as I get used to Baby Joys schedule and having my Hubby around 24/7. And hopefully the calming brings more time for me to take for myself and for writing.

I am always so shocked by how much I miss it when I don't blog.  I never thought I would ever blog in the first place and now I cannot imagine not writing.

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