Saturday, 6 April 2013

5 Week Challenge - Join Us

Wow, what a great and crazy week. I feel like I have been running constantly this week. My sister just gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby boy, on Tuesday morning.  Tuesday and Wednesday were spent with me in front of a sewing machine instead of in front of my computer. I was working like a madman trying to complete the little mans baby quilt so I could surprise them with it when they got home from the hospital. 

With everything that has been going on, hubby and I have been talking about when we should try for another baby. Getting pregnant has never been a problem for us, we have been pregnant 5 times already, but when we talk about trying again, I get caught up on the details of my crazy emotions and the hard times for hubby and I that come after the baby. I am beyond blessed already with the children that I have and I think I could try to be happy with being done being pregnant.  
But seeing my sisters little one and snuggling him, makes me want to do it all again. 

While thinking about another baby, I started to think that maybe we should get our marriage stuff working the best we can before throwing it off again.  The stage of life that we are in can be trying on a marriage as it is, why not give it the best fighting chance we can by trying to strengthen it and our love for each other. 

I found this app for both of our phones that sends notifications and reminders to challenge us and get us to show our spouse love using their love language. 
Check out, they have some great resources and a free downloadable app. 

We have joined their Love Language Challenge and we both are really excited about trying to show love for each other with the love language of our spouse. 

If you would like to sign up and do the challenge with us, we are part of the team DeliberateLove. 

Please join our team and challenge you and your hubby or friends to join us. 

The App allows you to test yourself to discover your love language, then you can email the results to your hubby and he inputs it into his app so that it is suited to your love language.  It seems well done, we are just beginning it but we are excited to have the little reminders (via phone notifications or emails) so that we can really try to be deliberate in showing love the way that they hear it best. 

Blessings to you this week. 

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