Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Funny Story

Little A:   "Mom. Can I tell you a funny story?"

Me:      "Sure Honey, what's your story?"

A:          "Once upon a time,
There was a dinosaur walking towards God.
He was getting some leaves.
hahaha  was that a funny story mommy?"

Me:      (confused look on my face.... ? What?)
          "Yeah that was funny sweetie.  Can you tell me another funny story?"

A:    "Yeah, (giggle)
Once upon a time,
There was a dragon walking towards God.
He was looking for some leaves.
hahaha  its funny mommy!"

Me:     "um....yupp, thats pretty silly babe. Did you make that up yourself?"

Silence as she goes back to eating her food.

What a nut.
She has told me this story about 8 times since yesterday and every time it was pretty much the exact same thing. The only slight difference that may occur is that she changes up the animal. So far I have heard this story told about a dinosaur, a dragon, an alligator, and a bear.

Seriously, whats up with that?

I have no idea where she got it from. And when I asked her where it was from she replied, "The Bible."

I don't know about you but, I have never heard this story.   Maybe her little kids version is very different than mine but I really do doubt it.

She has such a strange and wonderful imagination. I would love to understand it all a little better, but at this point I just have to smile and nod and laugh about it later. Seriously, I wish I could record all of the things she says during the day, it would make me laugh and cry for years to come.

Little A and Hubby,  last year at the Fair.  Who is she waving to in that cage you might ask? Oh, just a snake that was attempting to climb out and was giving her mommy the heebie jeebies.  She was not phased at all. 

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