Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Apple of Your Eye

Today, Little A and her friends that I babysit worked on a craft and memory verse. 

I enjoy trying to incorporate some scripture into our day and today we did a craft to help us remember our verse. 

Keep me as the apple of your eye. 
Psalm 17:8a

We talked about how much God loves us and what it means to be the apple of someone's eye. 
Then we made the following craft.  

It was fairly simple and the kids enjoyed gluing, and stamping with the apple. 
For older kids you could easily adjust it and allow them to cut out the shapes themselves and then write the verse out on their own.  The girls each picked their favorite color to use as the background. 

You will need a full piece of paper,  two half eye pieces in black, one white piece for the inside of the eye and then some eyelash pieces if you choose. You will also need a marker, some paint and an apple to cut in half to make your print. 

This was done by little A, I had to help her out with the gluing but she did amazing at sticking them on. 

She tried to turn her eyelashes into eyebrows. 

Just a few times through the verse while they created their pictures really made it stick. Little A actually picked it up faster than the older girls but I think that she is just really good at memorization since she has memorized almost all of her books and can "read" them to us.

To finish off our day we played a fun game of "Apple Hunt".  I made up these apple shapes out of felt and colored the different shapes onto them. There are shapes as well as a 1 to four dots that the kids can count.   I call out what kind of apple I want and they go and try to find it and bring it to my basket.  The kids loved it and it was great practice for their counting and shapes.

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