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Now we have received not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might understand the things freely given us by God.  And we impart this in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the Spirit, interpreting spiritual truths to those who are spiritual.
1 Corinthians 2:12–13

My sister and brother in law have both been talking a lot lately about personality tests.  My Brother in law has been doing a lot of them for work lately as part of the Church staff, all of the staff are taking them so that they can better understand themselves and how they work and how they can work better with each other. 

One of the test that they took was to discover your spiritual gifts.  

I have always felt like I knew what my giftings were, I have never taken a test about it before though and thought it would be interesting.  I can be slightly sceptical so I figured it wouldn't really show me much or be very accurate. 

My BIL posted a link to the test that they were taking and I spent the few minutes to fill it out. 
I was totally shocked. 
These were my results: 

Ad= AdministrationTotal:21
Di= DiscernmentTotal:30
Ev= EvangelismTotal:27
Ex= ExhortationTotal:31
Fa= FaithTotal:35
Gi= GivingTotal:24
Kn= KnowledgeTotal:31
Le= LeadershipTotal:26
Me= MercyTotal:30
Pa= PastorTotal:31
Pr= ProphecyTotal:20
Se= ServingTotal:23
Te= TeachingTotal:31
Wi= WisdomTotal:30

They say that I am Faith, Teaching, and Pastor. 

Two of those I can understand, the last, Pastor, totally confuses me. 
I have never, ever thought of myself in this light before. 

But the funny thing is, that my brother in law, totally called.  He actually suggested yesterday that I should put a link on my blog so that I could be reached for speaking engagements.  YIKES! 

I have to say, I kinda laughed in his face and told him he was nuts, I could never get up and speak let alone write a sermon.   I am totally not a public speaker nor would I ever be able to get up and do a sermon. Talking, really doesn't freak me out, but getting up in front of a church and preaching, I would probably pee my pants ( well maybe not, but I would likely vomit).  

My brothers only jolting response, was that I write a sermon every time I blog. 

Today his comment rang true in my ears as I read the results from my test.  Wowza. Not at all what I expected.  

I have done public speaking before and it really did go over quite well, despite me sweating profusely and feeling sick for days before. And I am totally comfortable speaking to a smaller group of people, or large groups of children ( really, those little guys don't scare me at all, I can be a goof in front of the kids just fine, but bring their parents in and I will turn fire engine red ) but I don't see myself getting up in front of a churchfull a adults to share, it just doesn't feel like thats my calling.  

 I guess we will see, maybe its something I'll grow into. 

God has given each of you a gift. Use it to help each other. This will show God’s loving-favor.  If a man preaches, let him do it with God speaking through him. If a man helps others, let him do it with the strength God gives. So in all things God may be honored through Jesus Christ. Shining-greatness and power belong to Him forever. Let it be so.
1 Peter 4:10-11

Please check out the test,  and let me know if it revealed some new giftings or just reiterated what you already knew about yourself. 

Find the test here at

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