Monday, 2 September 2013

Happy to be Home

We're Back!

Actually we have been back for just under a week but life has been a whirlwind since getting home.

The kids did wonderfully while we were away. Little A clung to her Minnie Mouse stuffed toy while we were gone. She called it her baby and insisted that she go everywhere my mom took the kids.  Mom even had to buckle Minnie into carseats and highchairs and everything else.

The E Man did way better than I expected.  Apparently every morning when he woke up, he called for me and then for his daddy, then for his grandpa.  I think the only day he called for his grandma was after she was gone.

We tried to skype or call the kids as much as we could while we were away. I was a little worried that it would make things harder on my mom, but she said it wasn't that bad.  The kids did get a little grumpy after talking to us but were never devastated by us being gone.

We left little cards for the kids for each day that we were away and each card counted down the days and told them a little activity that they were going to do that day.  Little A loved it and was always very excited to get her mail.

The kids seemed to do far better than I did.  I was a wreck the day that we left. I cried as I was reading to them before their naps. I cried while kissing them goodbye. And then I cried most of the way to the airport. Then, just as the plane was about to take off it took everything in me to not have a panic attack and run for the exit.

Once we were on our way I knew that there was no going back and I just tried to remind myself over and over that God was in control and my kids were going to be fine.  I can't tell you how many times I told myself that, it was always in the back of my mind when concern and guilt started to creep in.

Hubby and I had a wonderful time and I will share more on that later.

We got back to the airport at almost midnight and were actually back to our house by about two in the morning.  It was a horribly long drive because we were both exhausted and we couldn't wait any longer to get back to our kids.   Of course, when we got to the house the kids were sound asleep and it took everything in us not to go into there rooms to cuddle them.

The next day was glorious.  I think I was up before the kids despite having gone to bed later than two in the morning.  A and E were beyond excited to see us and couldn't believe we were there.  E Man  kept coming back over to me to hug and cuddle. And Little A would not leave our sides.

Of course, both kids asked for grandma over and over that day and couldn't understand why she wasn't still there. They had such a great time with my mom and my Sister and Brother in law and we got to hear all about all the fun things that they did while we were gone.   They even "got to meet the Mail Woman that delivers our letters! Her name is Joanne!"

We have spent the time since being home soaking in our kids again.  I have very nearly spent every minute of everyday with my children since their births and it was very strange to me to be away from them.  They really are all that I do now and it was so abnormal to be without them.  But the trip did bring Hubby and I closer and it gave me some time to refresh and relax. And now I feel like I have more to give my children again instead of feeling sucked dry.

Being home has been challenging at times because the kids have been testing the limits and have been more whiney and disobedient, but they spent a week being spoiled and loved on by Grandma and Auntie so that is to be expected.  But we were so blessed that we have family that would do that for us and our kids.

Our life here doesn't seem to be slowing down any and I feel a little like I am playing Catch Up all the time. But I am sure that with Hubby heading back to work and our activities and Bible studies and everything else starting back up it will just get more hectic.  Hopefully I will find time to share with all of you but if I am hit and miss please forgive me.


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