Friday, 27 September 2013


Yesterday was quite the interesting day for us.

In the afternoon I put the kids down for their naps, left them with my sister and headed to my 20 week ultrasound.  Hubby was teaching a class and wasn't able to sneak away to come with me to the ultrasound so I went in alone.

I am half done this pregnancy and I can't imagine what these next 20 weeks will hold with how busy the first 20 have been. I am sure it will fly by, if all the stuff that is planned over the next few weeks is any indicator of what is to come.

Our last ultrasound was a little over 4 weeks ago and we were really just having another one to double check all of the measurements again and to see if the mark on the heart was still there.

The mark is still there but the heart is functioning normally from what they can tell and there are no other signs of birth defects or trisomy 21.   Everything looks on schedule for the little one to arrive middle of February.


There was one teeny, tiny little difference between this scan and the last one.

Remember this photo?

That was what the Dr gave us as proof since we were both so shocked to hear that it was a BOY!

Well. Yesterday, was completely different. 
Apparently, its a GIRL!!

Little A was so shocked and excited when we told her.  

Her exact words were, " I...I prayed for a girl, alll day!!"   She was physically shaking with excitement. 

We are all a little in shock again after the crazy change of events, but I have to say that I was not surprised. When they told me it was a boy I didn't know what to think. Everything in me was telling me it was a girl and all of the dreams I have had about this baby were of it being a girl. So hearing it was a boy in the first place was what really threw me and took me a long time to adjust to but I still had my doubts. 

The most interesting part was the Ultrasound Doctors face as he tried to apologize for his mistake.  He was totally shocked to not find a penis yesterday and went back to check more than 4 times.  He couldn't get over it. "Honestly, by looking at the scans from last time I would still tell you that this baby is a boy, I was 99% positive. But seeing things today, obviously its not a boy, it just doesn't make sense."

Hubby's response was only that Little A must have been praying really really hard. 

My mom's response is that it could still be twins, one boy and one girl. (I don't think its possible unless one is amazing at hiding) 

Mostly, we are all just really excited to know that everything is looking good and we can just enjoy the next 20 weeks and see what God has in store for us and our growing family. 

Hard to image this skull with a cute little nose and chubby little cheeks but I can't wait to see them.

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