Friday, 14 December 2012

Lets have a Meeting

A week or so ago my sister and I went for coffee with the kids. It was fun to get to take Little A out for a coffee date with her Aunty. My sister and her husband just moved here at the end of the summer and we are all really enjoying having them around. They used to live rather far away and Little A had only ever seen them a few times in person and the rest was through Skype.

We were sitting there enjoying our coffees (I am not a big coffee drinker and made them lessen the expresso they would put in my drink, but still it was a lot more coffee than I am used too). Little A was enjoying her juice but kept looking at our drinks then back at hers. She pointed and said, " I want that." She couldn't figure out why her drink didn't have whip cream and drizzle like ours.

Being the generous mother that I am, I got tired of sharing my whip cream (my favourite part of my strong coffee drink), and went to ask the barista for a little serving of whip cream all her own. Fully prepared to pay for the extra whip, the barista said it was on the house and then managed to create a sundae of whip cream for my daughter (who I don't normally give sweets too).

It was a massive pile of whip cream, chocolate drizzle, caramel drizzle, and Smartie pieces. Her eyes lit up like it was a new toy. She was so so excited.  She even offered to share. It was so nice.  

When I got back from getting Little A's lovely treat my sister was laughing and had to tell me all about what Little A said while I was gone.  Of course just reading this doesn't do it justice since these little words came out of an almost two year old with a very serious matter of fact tone and came from the most adorable little face. This is how the conversation went:

Little A: " Let's have a meeting."

Aunty N: " What kind of a meeting are we going to have?"

Little A: " An Uncle K meeting."

Aunty N: "And what do we need to know if we are going to have a meeting about Uncle K?"

Little A: "He is big. And stwong."

Aunty N: "Oh and what else?"

Little A: "He plays the duitar. And the drums and the pilano."

Aunty N: "And what else do we need to know?"

Little A: "He is nice."

Aunty N: "Is he handsome?"


Little A: "Yes"

She makes me laugh so hard some days.   I hope that it brought you a laugh.

She has never before talked about having a meeting. But she knows that when we go to the Church for the moms bible study her Uncle K is normally in a meeting and she doesn't get to see him.  I don't think I have ever actually explained what a meeting is, just that he is in one.

God Bless you today, and may you find some of His Joy in the little things today. (if you dont have a silly two year old to laugh at, you can always youtube some crazy animals, God has a great sense of humor and made some hilarious animals for us to enjoy)

- oh and on a side note, that little bit of coffee I drank with my sister, kept me up until 4 in the morning. Not an enjoyable thing.

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