Wednesday, 12 December 2012

We Moved!

Sorry for the silence lately but things have been pretty crazy and we finally just got out internet connected again last night.

We moved over the weekend. It was a whirlwind of boxes and furniture and people in and out. We had amazing help from some family and friends and we are ever grateful for them and all they did.

I was unable to be involved for most of the move because I was taking care of the little ones.  It was very hard to not be in there getting my hands dirty too and being in control of things.

Our house remains a disaster. There are boxes everywhere. Laundry that needs to be done but cannot because our washer and dryer remain uninstalled.  But we are in, and all the little things that need to be worked on can be done while we are here, together.

It has been so nice to have Hubby working on this house while we are here with him.  It is such a huge change from having him work all day at work and then come home to eat and leave to work on the renos.  Now when he has things to do Little A is right by his side trying to help.  She loves it, we all do.

We had two house showings this weekend. One Friday afternoon when I should have been in there attempting to finish all of our packing. And another Saturday morning at 9. We started moving at 10.  So those people got a lovely idea of what the house could look like as a storage unit but not really as a home.  But God has a plan and we are waiting to hear some good news, I am trusting that there will be good news soon.

I will share some more when things settle down, and when I actually have more than a few minutes of quiet to process all that God has been teaching me.

God Bless.

The view of our dining room the day of the showing. Who wouldn't want this house? ;)

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