Friday, 9 November 2012

I Peed on the Mail...

(I apologize in advance, this post uses the explicit words: poop, potty, pee, and panties.  Sorry for those who may be offended by these horrible words. )

We have been potty training Little A for a while now, she decided around one year old that she wanted to use the little potty and has been randomly using the toilet ever since.

We haven't really pushed the issue very much because she is still not even two years old and we know that when she is really ready it will just happen.  She goes through phases of really wanting to use the toilet and wear underwear but most of the time it is just easier for her to go in her pants so she does.

Recently some of her friends have been doing the potty training thing so she has been more interested. She loves using toilets when we are not at home.  She rarely ever wets her diaper when we are out at someone else's house or at a store.

Trust me it is not fun running an almost two year old grumpy child that has to pee to the other side of a Home Depot in search of a bathroom while she is crying loudly that she has to pee. (after using the toilet for the smallest amount of pee ever we had to walk back to literally the other side of the store to find my hubby and then she started to cry again saying she needed to poop, causing mommy to have to run her back to the other side again. So much fun!)

Anyway now that her friends are in panties she has been really trying to use the toilet and has been doing fairly well.  The second day of her using the toilet almost all day, I decided that we would try the panties.  She did so well, she peed in the toilet a few times and then said she had to poop. And then we called her auntie to share the great news of the number two in the potty.

As I was on the phone the timer I had going off to remind me to ask if she had to pee, went off.  So I asked, she said no. I called her over to me to see if she had already gone, she hadn't.  She then walked up beside me and stood on a shirt that was laying on the floor, and peed.

I dropped the phone, scooped her up and ran to the bathroom saying "Hold it in! Hold it in!" As we were sitting on the toilet waiting extra long just in case more pee needed to come out, I tried to explain that if she gets the "have to pee" feeling she needs to run to the bathroom cause she is in panties.

Her wonderful almost two year old response was, " I peed on your shirt." She said it with her adorable grin and a touch of proudness in her tone.

I was shocked.  Horrified. My little girl purposely peed on my clothing. I tried to rationalize and tell myself it was only in my head and she didn't do it on purpose. She was just stating a fact, she did in fact pee on my shirt.  She did not say it wasn't and accident, but she does normally say "oh no, I had an accident" when she does.  The whole thing left me wondering, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.
Silly Me.

We then went upstairs and got her new underwear. And then went to change Little E.  His diaper of course had leaked so it was taking a bit longer than normal to change him and Little A decided to go back downstairs by herself.   I finished up and called to her, "I'm on the stairs mommy", was her response.  As I walked over to the stairs I saw her standing there on the mail holding some newspapers.

She looked up at me with a grin and said, " I peed on the mail."

Needles to say she was back in a diaper pretty quick.  My little smartie pants totally knows how to hold it in. She has done it before.  She peed on our stuff on purpose.

She thought it was funny. I did not.

I just thought I would share this for all of those that have their hands full with fun, crazy children that can melt your heart and then make you laugh, cry, and pull your hair out.

God bless.
an older picture of my little monkey. its those great times and that sweet little one that make wet mail and tshirts worth it.  still frustrating but worth it. 

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