Monday, 26 November 2012

Nearing Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and I am so excited.  This is the first Christmas for Little E and the first Christmas that Little A is spending with my side of the family. It is also the first Christmas that we will be in our new home, hopefully I will be able to make things a little festive but likely I will barely be unpacked and will have little energy to unpack Christmas stuff on top of everything else.

Little A is very excited about Christmas. She doesn't really understand what it is though.  She was too young last year to really understand or remember any of it. I think this year her biggest excitement is because she knows that her birthday comes after Christmas, and she does understand what birthdays are.  ( though to her its all about cake, balloons, toys and friends)

We have been trying to get some ideas of what Little A is hoping for for gifts this year and all she has responded with so far is, " mice."  Thats it just mice.  I have no idea why or where that came from but anytime we have asked her that is her response.  There was one time I asked her why she wanted mice and she responded while not really paying attention to me because she was distracted by her toys, she replied with, " They're nice."

Wow, really mice are nice. Thats great. I hate those nasty little things.  Even the ones that are bread to be pets ( not that a mouse will ever really be a pet if you ask me) are nasty. They really do creep me out and make my skin crawl.

But that is it. She has never said anything else. All she has said she wants is mice, plain and simple.
I have asked leading questions like, " oh thats a nice baby doll, would you like a baby doll for christmas?" She rarely gives any response and when she does its "no."

What a silly kid.

Anyway putting aside all that oh so important gift buying stuff (hopefully you picked up the sarcasm in my voice), How are you getting ready for Christmas? Anything you are doing special to teach your little ones the true meaning of the season?

Recently I picked up a book for Little A about Christmas. I wanted her to have a book that she could play with and read on her own. There were so many Santa, frosty, and elves books, it was shocking. It was actually somewhat difficult to find a Christmas book about Christ.

I did find the great book shown below, Stable in Bethlehem by Joy Hulme. Little A loves it.  The pictures are beautiful and it is simple to understand. I think it will end up being a cherished book for all of our children now and through the years.

I love adding books to our collection and I plan on slowly adding new Christmas books every year.  I saw a great idea on Pinterest from a blog post found here.  This family wraps up 24 Holiday books and allows the kids to open and read one nightly until Christmas. Sounds like a great idea for family time and a nice alternative advent calendar.

This year we are hopefully going to start a new family tradition and will be working through the family advent book listed below. I have been searching all over for ideas and books of new traditions for our little family. We will try this one out and see how we like it, hopefully it will be something we enjoy that can become a tradition.

I cannot wait for December 1st to come so that we can get started on advent. I am finding great excitement from the idea of getting to teach Little A the Christmas story and for spending time as a family making little crafts together and preparing for Christmas.  

These links are adds and I do receive a small percentage if the books are purchased through these links.  Just wanted to make you aware. 

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