Thursday, 4 October 2012

A laugh for the day

There are so many hilarious things my daughter does and says, I just wanted to share a recent one with you.  I used to laugh so hard at that show " Kids say the Darndest Things" because it is so true. I love that they don't filter their thoughts, they tell it straight, and are totally focused on doing things they want to do.

Yesterday while getting ready for the day, my daughter, Little A, was in the dinning room playing with her favorite toy, Elmo. She adores him and has been feeding him, burping him and swaddling him ever since we brought home her brother, Little E.  

Our house is very open concept and Little A gets free reign on the main floor where the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and bedrooms are.  Everything is childproofed and she is safe to play.  She had Elmo strapped into her booster seat at the table and I could hear her say, " I feed Elmo." She loves to narrate her life. I love hearing her perspective of what is happening around her, but some people are thrown off when they hear a child under two talking and narrating the way she does.  

I giggled to myself at her comment, and finished brushing. Then it was quiet. So I peaked out of the bathroom and saw her standing pretending to feed Elmo. As I went to duck back into the bathroom, out of the corner of my eye I could see a cupboard door open in the kitchen. Of course, it was the cereal cupboard which is not childproofed and we have been using it to teach her that she has to ask before going into the cupboard.  We have been working on this for a week or two, she used to ignore the cupboards but now she knows how to open the cereal boxes so she really wants to get in there all the time. 

I walked out of the bathroom as I said, "Little A, are you supposed to go into that cupboard without asking?" 

Startled, she jumped back from Elmo, turned to me, and spit out the mouthful of cereal she had. Then she held out the handful of slobbery cereal and said, "I only ate one."

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