Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tiny Tip Tuesday #3

So a few weeks ago I told you about how I broke all of Little A's crayons.
It was such a great idea, and worked wonders for her pencil holding abilities. 

But the problem with broken crayons is that they do not actually fit back into the box very easily.  And if you are like me and want to teach your little ones that they have to clean up their messes, then it is very frustrating for little hands to attempt putting the crayons away. 

I found the perfect storage box for Little A's crayons.  

Huggies always gives you a new plastic box when you buy the largest box of wipes. i am getting rather sick of having so many of them. But I cannot bring myself to throw them away and add to the landfills.  
There are a million great ideas on Pinterest for uses for these wipes containers. 

Little A and I decorated the box together. Because of the plastic regular markers wont stick, you will need to use a permanent marker. Little A called it a stinky marker and didn't like to be near it. She then covered it in stickers, and then added and removed stickers the rest of the day.

She loves putting the crayons through the slot when she is done. And we have turned it into a fun game. I ask her to put away a specific color and she slowly gathers them up and puts them away before we choose a new color to clean. 

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