Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tiny Tip Tuesday - Playing with Cardboard

Like I have said in a previous post, we have been packing up our home because we are moving into a house we have been renovating. I have been dumpster diving (sort of) into some big box store recycling bins to get the best boxes.

The first time I mentioned needing boxes I had a multitude of people tell me that liquor stores have great heavy duty boxes.    But the problem with their boxes are that they are so small so you are limited with how much can fit, and when you pack you will need a ton of them.

I have found the mother-load of boxes. They are large. They are double thickness. And they are free.

Mark's Work warehouse has the best boxes.  Their bin always has boxes. And from my experience they were very nice and friendly when they caught me taking some.

If you are not moving, there are still a million fun things to do with boxes. Just check out some of the great stuff I found on the Pinterest page labeled "Cardboard" . Found here.


Little A and I had a great time playing with our boxes.
We made a tunnel which she loved hiding in and having me try to crawl through.
Then we made a car. (which looked nothing like a car, wish I would have used the tutorials on pinterest)
Then we made a house. Which is still sitting in the basement and she loves it, even though it is nothing more than a box with a roof and a door cut into the side.

Then last night, I had the best idea after Mr. T was vacuuming under the couch cushions.  We had used them a few times before as a makeshift slide for Little A. But she never slid down them very well because the couch fabric isn't conducive to sliding.  So we put a box on top of the cushion and had an hour of climbing and sliding fun.  ( an hour of one activity is huge for a toddler, especially a busy one like Little A)

Here are just a few pictures I snapped with my phone, sorry for the poor quality, I will break out the actual camera next time.

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